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Idalia Leszczyńska – psychologist and psychotherapist

Graduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities with an MA in Psychology, specializing in Clinical Psychology. Currently she is in training at a Course in Psychotherapy certified by the Polish Psychiatric Association, of which she is a member. She gained professional experience while working in the Clinical Psychiatric Ward at the 5th Military Hospital in Krakow and in the Private Addictions Treatment Centre “Wiosenna”, where she held group therapy for addicts and their families, as well as at the Psychotherapy Unit of the University Hospital in Krakow, where she held individual therapy sessions.

Her methods of work are based on the psychodynamic paradigm. She specializes in psychotherapy for adults in the treatment of neurotic disorders, personality disorders, somatic-manifested disorders, behavioural syndromes, stress disorders and addictions.

Psychotherapy should be conducted by therapists in their native language, as it is very important for the therapist to understand the complete meaning of what is said. Idalia is a native speaker of English, thus she is fully qualified to hold therapy sessions in English.

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price: 150 pln per session



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